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Overhauling How Business and Operations are Done.

Our Software is the way Business Operations should be done. With AI backing up your data for insights and Tangle to ensure your every process is safe and secure. We are your Back-office. But offsite. And Hassle-free. Also cheaper.

Payroll Automation

One click overview and mass rollout is how Payrolls should be. Welcome to Ovarc.

Benefits Management

Manage all your company benefits from one spot, with one click. Life has never been easier.

Next-Gen Insights

We weren't joking when we said "AI". Insights that actually matter.

Security & Privacy

Our Tangle-Powered Software ensures all your work is safe and immutable. This is Ovarc.


Business and Operations Done Right.

No startup should waste its resources into something other than their core business and product. Business and Operations should never be loaded on the very valuable resources of a company, but offloaded somewhere else.

No more legal paperwork hassle, nor payroll errors or even wasted time on procedures and mandates. Let us handle it.


State-of-the-Art Software is still just a Tool.

Even with an AI powered Software or even Blockchain one, it's still just a tool. Ovarc backs you up with Accounting, Legal and Operations Teams. Our software is just a mean to make your business management process easier and more transparent.

With AI powering the data and driving the Analytics, you get insights into your business you never considered before. And with Tangle Technology, you are at ease knowing that everything is documented, immutable and trackable.


Payroll proceed yearly








Ovarc in a Nutshell

We (of all people) understand how complicated and intricate Business and Operations are. To save your time, we boiled down our services into these six.


Automated Payrolls, Medical Insurance, Social Security or even HR profiling. We got the full spectrum covered.


If you're looking to build your "Kitchen" in Africa, we will handle everything. Rendering your business extremely efficient.

Business Operations

Whether you're trying to Establish a new branch for your company overseas, a new company altogether, Accounting or even Legal representation, look no more.


If you're looking for the most hassle-free way to build your product, then this is what you need. Outsource the whole project and wait for it to be delivered.

Next-Gen Software

We built a software just for this; People and Business Operations - Next Level. AI is growing and there is a huge need for it in this business. And Tangle is extremely suitable for it as well.


Even though we don't hire for you, but our sister company will provide the best candidates for your needs. Yes, we got even that covered.

Manage your Business and Operations with O/C

Manage everything about your business form a powerful software, made just to make your business run smoother.

  • Create your Company

    Simple as one, two three and you're good to go! Don't have a registered company? Don't worry, we can help with that.

  • Enroll your Employees

    Enroll your Employees and setup their profiles. It's as simple as it gets, either do it yourself or have them do it through O/C App.

  • Manage your Business

    Whether it's Benefits, Perks, Payrolls or even Medical Insurance, manage everything through O/C as easy as it sounds. Now you're up and running.


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10s of Companies Love Us!

Most of our clients are coming through referrals, which says a thing or two about us and our services. We love them back.


In pursuit of setting up an offshore venture in Egypt, we had the pleasure of working with ovarc. From an HR standpoint, it was essential to understand country regulations, and finding candidates with specific criteria to meet business needs. ovarc offered great insights and understanding of labor regulations, and demonstrated exceptional capabilities by their knowledge and ease of access to major businesses across Egypt.

Sami S. El-Jerby - Bluburg

I had the pleasure to work with ovarc for several years, they are unique full cycle recruiters, have an eye for little details, stand out from the crowd not only by their technical experience but also with their pleasant personality and professionalism.

Hussam Mashhady - SAED

We work with Small and Medium Business from around the World

Ovarc is Changing The Way This Business is Done.

Whether it's our powerful software to make your life easier managing your business, or our teams of experts in their field who are always there and got your back. Ovarc is changing the way Business and Operations are being done, starting from Africa.


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